7 Fabulous and easy tips for preparing tasty salads

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Everyone knows how important it is for our health to consume fiber from vegetables and salads, but one of the great difficulties is to do it routinely and enjoy its consumption. In this article, we give you 7 fabulous and easy tips for preparing tasty salads.

Definitely eating vegetables and salads is not a natural skill for everyone, in fact, for most, it is a learning process where you develop the taste for ingesting them.

To begin, take note of these recommendations:

  1. The salads can be a companion of the meals or the food itself; therefore the preparation will vary according to the intention. If it is prepared with some protein such as chicken, tuna, meat flakes will function as a main course and if it does not carry protein, it is more of an accompaniment.
  2. The vegetables are of different colors, each one of them brings different vitamins and antioxidants that have positive effects in our organism, and therefore one of the strategies is to combine the greater amount of colors inside the salad so that it is an explosion of nutrients and of color.
  3. The salads have a green layer that can be given by lettuce, cabbage, spinach, cabbage, the important thing is to taste which is the most you like, for example, lettuce is crunchier but theĀ flavor of the escarole is very particular. If you do not like any of these options you can make combinations of vegetables without having to use it.

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  4. To consume vegetables it is necessary to specify the texture that you prefer, some people eat them better well cooked although they have lost nutritional properties of the cooking and other people prefer them raw or crunchy. Identify how you like them most.
  5. The presentation of the vegetables can influence the salad, you can chop them into squares, place them in thin or thicker strips, make them in julienne or striped like the carrot, beet.
  6. To give a different touch to salads is important, you can place small amounts of nuts such as raisins, cranberries, pineapple, orange, mandarin or apple, also include grains of yellow corn, petit pois, beans, quinoa or grains in general. Sometimes pieces of bread or roasted churritos change the flavor and make it more appetizing. Caution is needed with the use of Bacon or seeds such as almonds, peanuts, although they can be used in small amounts add many calories.
  7. The dressing is essential, must be based on olive oil or any other (that is healthy), different kinds of vinegar, natural yogurt, spices, onion, chiltoma, herbs such as coriander, peppermint, oregano, dill, etc. Avoid creams, mayonnaise, excess cheeses or butter in the dressings to make it really healthy.

The challenge of starting to prepare healthy salads is important for health. Get started as soon as possible.



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