How To Buy Commercial Kitchen Equipment For Restaurant

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It is very exciting for a person to start a business of his or her own. If that business is a restaurant, you want your establishment to be the center of gastronomic attraction at any time.

Just as if at home, the kitchen is the soul of the restaurant, where its menu comes alive at the time of preparation. It is the place where you will find the dishwasher, where food is stored, different utensils, dishes, stoves, ovens, etc. That is why it is important to make important decisions about the restaurants equipment you will need and the organization to make the business run smoothly.

Before investing, keep these points in mind …


Undoubtedly, where more expenses are in the opening of a new restaurant is the kitchen. Many apply for a commercial loan of approximately $250,000, which seems to be an astronomical amount, but goes quite quickly after buying refrigerators and freezers, stoves, ovens, workstations, fryers, utensils; etc. We recommend that you visit the supplier in your area, see the merchandise and ask for a quote before making your investment.

New vs Used equipment

When buying a new kitchen equipment, remember that, just like a new car, its value depreciates the moment it leaves the store. If you buy second hand equipment, some parts may have warranty while others may not. Equipment that is floor or warehouse models is a good alternative. Although it may have some cosmetic flaws, these will work as new and have warranty.

Menu and size of kitchen

The menu and size of the kitchen will depend on the equipment you are going to buy. For example, if you are going to prepare handmade pizzas, keep in mind that you will need ovens for pizzas, pallets, preparation tables and the product. The size of the kitchen will also determine the size of your equipment. Remember that we have basic equipment for commercial kitchen such as gas stoves and ovens, workstations, dishwasher, refrigerators and freezers.

If you already have this ready, then you have to make a list of the equipment needed to have a well-prepared commercial kitchen. As mentioned above, it all depends on the menu and the size of the space that is the kitchen.

To be sure that what you need, divide the kitchen into workstations so that it is easier to buy the necessary equipment …

Sauté station – The most experienced chefs work at the “sauté” station as it is the place where the most complicated dishes are prepared. Normally, it is equipped with gas stoves with several burners, frying pans and tongs. In addition, the “sauté” station has its own work counter with its condiments, cut area and undercounter refrigerator.

Grilling Station – The grill station consists of the charbroil style gas grill and griddle style grill. You also need to have a refrigerator for the meats, tongs, grill brush and the condiments you need.

Frying station – Floor or table fryers are the ones that are present for everything that is fried. They should also have a freezer since many groceries that go into a deep fryer are frozen. Other necessary equipment includes baskets, tweezers and breading containers.

Pizza Station- If you are considering on your menu include pizza then it is a good idea to have a pizza station. A pizza counter with its own freezer is a good choice. You will need a drawer oven if you are going to cook several at a time. The drawer ovens can come in from one to three drawers and there is brick style for that artisan flavor. A good pizza station also has cooking and serving screens, pizza spatula (pizza paddle) and sheets of waxed paper.

Salad Station – A well-equipped salad station includes a vegetable storage refrigerator, salad dressings and a counter where you can also store the dishes to serve the salads.

Dessert station – Just like the salad station, the dessert station also needs a refrigerator to keep the sweet items fresher. In addition, you need your counter to prepare them and space to store dishes and specialized utensils for desserts.

Cleaning Station – It is important that you have a dishwasher that is large, efficient and quick as more people are going to eat in your restaurant and you will need to use lots of dishes of various types, spoons, forks and knives.

If in the event that you want to have a cafeteria or bakery, it is also good to have hot showcases and heaters for fries and chicken.

In the end, with these tips, your life will be easier to buy than you need for your restaurant. You can find a wide variety of kitchen equipment for restaurant and now you can take advantage of the great liquidation of warehouse equipment at incredible prices.


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