5 Simple tips for preparing a healthy lunch every day

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It is not just eating by eating. It is to learn to eat well and as healthy as possible so that our organism stays in optimal condition and we take it along the way of life in the most pleasant way possible, away from diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and others that overwhelm the human being today. In this article, we give you 5 simple tips for preparing healthy lunch.

5 tips for making healthy lunch:

  • Fresh food vs. frozen foods
  • Say NO to Canned
  • Beware of Trans fats
  • Do not remove carbohydrates
  • Always read the labels
  1. Fresh food vs. frozen foods: While it is true that the battle against time is constant, and we save the same by buying foods that maintain longer life in the freezer as those that are frozen, they lose important vitamins and minerals in that process, which could absorb better way when consuming them fresh. It is better to open a space in the agenda and give yourself the time to consume more fresh food, visiting more often the local market.
  2. Say NO to Canned: It prefers to use always those foods that allow you to guarantee the cooking of them. Such is the case of grains, which usually come in tin and tender, but have preservatives that are harmful to the body. One option is to prepare a large quantity of grains in your kitchen, seasoning to your liking, and leaving in separate containers in freezing, until the moment you want to use them.

    Fresh food vs. frozen foods
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  3. Beware of trans fats: Contained in foods such as oils for frying and margarine, trans fats produce serious health problems in the body, especially coronary, so the suggestion is to use olive oil or butter in your preparations.
  4. Do not remove carbohydrates: Many women think that carbohydrates should be completely eliminated from the diet as they make them fat. That is a myth that must be eradicated, because in the current food pyramid cereals still play an important part in the proper development of our system, so eat pasta, bread and various cereals at lunch.
  5. Always read the labels: Get used to reading the labels of all the packaged products you buy, since this way you will know the actual proportions of salt or other chemical additives that may contain such foods. In this way, you will see how some are healthier than others, and therefore allow you to enjoy a better quality of food while preparing a healthy lunch.

And above all do not stop eating at lunch, or skip any of your meals, as it is an important requirement to have a good diet.



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