Types of salads

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There are many kinds of salads we can work all have a lot of properties and consume is usually highly recommended.

Why eat salads?

The salads are dishes you should not miss in our diet. We can prepare different kinds of salads with fruits and vegetables and combine these ingredients with potatoes, cereals, vegetables and even meat and fish.

By combining our salad ingredients we can get a complete meal that offers all the nutrients and at the same time can be light in calories.

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Properties and benefits of salads

There are many benefits that our body can get as vegetable salads with which we prepare are rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber and other nutrients that are very necessary to us.

We highlight some of the properties of the salads:

  • Fiber intake: need a good supply of fiber for our body to function properly. Salads provide us with the necessary fiber. Combine the ingredients properly can get a good supply of both soluble and insoluble fiber.
  • Antioxidant: successfully combining the ingredients in our salads get the necessary supply of vitamins, including vitamin C and A, which are potent antioxidants.
  • Protein some kinds of salads also offer us an adequate intake of protein, we just have to add some low-fat cheese, nuts, legumes, etc.

Types of salads

When we think of salad comes to mind the typical lettuce and tomato but the truth is that there are a variety of kinds of salads, as many as imagination dares to invent.

We can combine the ingredients in a thousand different ways and add almost anything to our salads.

Although there are many classifications we propose the following kinds of salads:

  • Salads with fruit: they can become an ideal first course. The prepare with fresh seasonal fruits with them and get a lot of vitamins and few calories.
  • Salads with vegetables: employ in their preparation leafy vegetables (watercress, spinach, different kinds of lettuce), tomatoes and onion. They are a high iron and chlorophyll. These salads tend to be seasoned with olive oil, salt and vinegar or lemon.
  • Salads with grains: these salads are a mixture of vegetables and grains: corn, rice, wheat. We provide vitamins, minerals, fiber and carbohydrates.
  • Salads with vegetables: salad in these classes will use, in addition to plant lentils, soybeans, chickpeas, beans, etc. We can encourage us to add to our different kinds of sprouts salad so get to increase their nutritional value.

Tips and Tricks

Our salads are always dressed with some kind of sauce. Vegetable salads is convenient Cinderellas with a little olive oil and some spices, we can also make a vinaigrette sauce.

For fruit salads you can make a sauce of honey or ginger.

To prepare different kinds of salad advisable to use fruits and vegetables that are not overly ripe thus obtain a better supply of vitamins.

We recommend the use of sprouted in preparing salads as they are rich in vitamin B2, niacin and ascorbic acid.


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