Side Dishes That Go Perfectly with Lamb

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Lamb is a versatile and delicious meat that has a reputation for being a cuisine reserved for fancy dinners and special nights out, but lamb is actually quite easy to make and is a great option if you want to make something more special for dinner and treat yourself and your loved ones! There seems to be countless lamb recipes out there to try, and you can serve lamb up in so many different ways (chops, leg of lamb, or stew anyone?). Once you’ve found your perfect main dish, why not try one of these side ideas to go along with it? Your meal will be guaranteed to impress when dinnertime rolls around!


Potatoes, much like lamb itself, are a very versatile ingredient. You could mash them up with cream, butter, garlic and rosemary for a savoury side that would go great with lamb chops, roast them in the oven with thyme and olive oil as a delicious crispy accompaniment to a spicy lamb stew, or even scallop them and cook them in a creamy sharp cheddar sauce to be paired alongside a roast.


Most people think of using grains as or in a main course, but don’t underestimate their power as a side dish too. Lamb and tabbouleh is a traditional Middle Eastern combination, and the parsley and mint add a great freshness that compliments the meaty, umami taste of lamb. Cook some quinoa or rice along with salty, crispy grilled halloumi cheese and acidic, sweet roasted cherry tomatoes for a delicious plate that has lots of different flavours and textures.


You could pair nearly any vegetable you can think of with lamb. Consider creating something fresh and light such as string beans or asparagus with garlic, lemon, and parmesan. You could also take the mint sauce that you’d traditionally add to the lamb, and create a side of minted peas instead (mint sauce and peas aren’t just for the chip shop!). If you want something a bit more hearty tasting, roast some veggies like courgettes, mushrooms, onions, and tomatoes in a pan with some cooking wine and olive oil, and serve them with yoghurt.


Salads are a classic side dish, and are a great light alternative to balance out a heavy lamb dish. Try out a unique take on a coleslaw if you’re wanting something homey and relaxed (these are also perfect if you want to have a last BBQ of the Summer!). If it’s chilly outside and you’re having a cosy night in, you can still have a salad! Go for something with lentils or beans to make it a bit more cold-season appropriate. Lentils go really well on a salad with rocket, heirloom tomatoes, and goats cheese.

No matter what types of flavours you’re in the mood for tonight or who you’re trying to impress, lamb is a great option for every occasion. And with these sides, you can adapt the main course into a full, impressive meal easily!


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