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What is the recipe for successful achievement? To my mind there are just four essential ingredients: Choose a career you love, give it the best there is in you, seize your opportunities, and be a member of the team.

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October 4, 2017
5 Simple tips for preparing a healthy lunch every day

5 Simple tips for preparing a healthy lunch every day

It is not just eating by eating. It is to learn to eat well and as healthy as possible so that our organism stays in optimal […]
December 4, 2020
Fried milk

Fried milk: a delicacy that has conquered Italy

The delicate taste of milk enclosed in a crunchy breading: this is what fried milk is, a typical recipe from different areas of Italy (and beyond). […]
June 13, 2017
veggie burger

The best veggie burger ever will taste

The fervor for the burgers no longer has much pull media but its popularity is far from extinct. There are all kinds of proposals and different […]

A recipe is a story that ends with a good meal.

Natural products and aromatic spices

If you don't have the confidence in baking, commit to making the recipe three times. The first two, do it exactly the way I've told you to make it. Twice. The first time you'll screw it up. The second time it will come out pretty good, and then the third time, make your adjustments.

World food

Aromatic spices

Aromatic spices

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How to Increase Your Restaurant Profits

It stands to reason that if you were to invest more time in learning how to increase your restaurant profits, you would probably come out ahead in the end. Of course this depends a lot on the type of restaurant you own, and how much you are willing to invest on your own time as well. In any case, you will be able to make more money when you know a bit about what goes into running a successful restaurant, as opposed to those who simply have a passion for food. For financial advice, speak to Accountants Swindon like Chippendale and Clark

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One of the first things that you can do in order to increase your restaurant profits is to make sure that you are using your downtime correctly. You need to leave some room for profit growth, but at the same time you must not be so serious about it that you lose the enjoyment out of your work day. For example, you may decide that the best way to maximize your profits is to bring in a new menu item into your restaurant that you feel strongly about. While you may be extremely proud of the idea, you need to make sure that you still spend some time socializing and entertaining customers with your old menu items. If you completely change your approach and focus entirely on the new menu, you may find yourself coming up short of profits.


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Another thing that you can do to learn how to increase your restaurant profits is to be willing to take risks with new dishes. Some people may turn their noses up at the idea of trying a new dish in their restaurant, but you should look at this as an opportunity to show your customers that you have more than one acceptable menu option.


Hot food or cold: what is best for health?

We care a lot about which foods are the healthiest and what portions are, but we rarely question what impact the temperature of the dishes can have on our health. Is it better to consume hot or cold dishes?

Things to Avoid When Trying to Maintain Good Oral Hygiene

We would all love to brush our teeth regularly, but the truth is that this can be a daily battle unless you know what you are doing with your bad oral habits. It seems simple enough – brush your teeth, right? Well, not exactly. There are a number of different bad oral habits that you should try to avoid or at least try to change. Some of these are more common than others, like tooth decay, gum disease, and cavities, but all in all, there are a number of oral issues that people do not think to pay much attention to or even bother to fix. Here are some things that you need to avoid if you want to be able to keep your teeth clean and white.

What Type of Retail Bakery Should You Open?

If you love creating delicious baked goods and want to create a small business that serves up your food to wow your customers, here are some different types of retail bakeries to consider. Each one centers around your amazing creations, but each has a unique twist on how the business is run.

Bakery Cafe

Bakery Display Cases will be front and center in your bakery cafe to entice customers with your delightful goodies. This type of business typically has seating areas for people to enjoy their muffins and pastries with a friend. Coffee and tea are also commonly served here. This type of small business requires an investment of money to start, which means you need to have a clear business plan in place to be able to receive a loan.

Home Bakery

This is a fantastic way to start your bakery business if you don’t have much start-up capital. You can specialize in cupcakes, cookies or cakes to get started and continually expand your offerings as your customer base grows. Working from your home offers you flexibility with hours and the types of services you offer.

Bakery Food Truck

Another way to test out your bakery items without having to start in a brick-and-mortar storefront is with a food truck. Food trucks offer you a mobile option so you can travel to different locations around your area and test out multiple bakery items.

Counter Service Bakery

A counter service bakery is similar to a bakery cafe, but doesn’t have seating areas for customers. Instead, you sell your items for people to take with them as they go about their day.

Take some time to research your options before you decide what kind of bakery you want to open. Any option involves you baking yummy items to share with people.

3 Tips for Taking a Business Trip to a New City

While some people dread taking business trips, they don’t need to. These adventures can be used as opportunities to see the country and make memories that will last forever. You might make friends or discover your all-time favorite restaurant. If you follow the steps below, you are increasing your chances of having a great expedition.

Can Cats Eat Pistachios? The truth about this food

Raise your hand if you’ve never fed the cat, perhaps during its own snack, because you pity its languid, hungry gaze. During these quick meals, fruit is usually the teacher, which is not the default food for our little cats. For example, can cats eat pistachios? Here’s what you need to know about it.

Almond milk pancakes recipe

Almond milk pancakes are a lighter version of classic American pancakes. They will be perfect to start the day with an edge. Here is the recipe

Frying oil: reusing it is harmful to health

Recent research conducted by the University of Illinois confirmed an old theory about cooking oil; in fact, the researchers reiterated how unhealthy and toxic the reuse of frying oil is. Researchers have found that the oil used for frying. If used repeatedly can cause dangerous genetic changes, increasing the production of cancer cells. The deleterious action occurs both on metastases and on the metabolic changes of liquids.

How to make beetroot soup?

Beetroot soup is an excellent recipe to take care of the cardiovascular system. It is a preparation method that conceals the strong flavor of the vegetable, which in fact does not please everyone. With this preparation, you can enjoy a dish that the family will love.

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